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Are the walls of your house crumbling down? Or are you facing issues with drywall? Or is your paint coming off from the walls? Alex Trend Painters Dublin company is innovative and worthy of consideration when it comes to house painting services. Our expert painters in Dublin offer both interior and exterior house painting services Dublin.

Our Mission

Being the experts, we believe in offering free consultations,quotes on house painters prices Dublin painters services and the lowest possible prices. Dublin has recently witnessed a surging trend in painting and decorating services due to the housing boom. However, little has affected us and our clients as we didn’t manoeuvre our prices. Affordable deals are our strength, and we don’t believe in altering prices as per market demands, like our competitors. Reaching a wide mass is our main aim and for that we have to offer packages and services at the most reasonable prices possible, without compromising on the quality aspect. Satisfying our clients is our main concern and to keep them happy and contended we offer the best customer service coupled with alluring deals and packages.

House Painters

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House Painting Dublin

What to Look For?

When looking for reliable residential painters, you should give utmost importance to the quality and efficiency part. Look for highly skilled professionals who can deliver the project within a stipulated period of time. Choose a company that is in this trade for a considerable period of time. We, at Alex Trend Painters have secured a position of our own over a period of years in the whole of Dublin. For genuine and reliable services, people recommend us. Mostly because they know how much importance we give to our clients’ tastes and preferences and satisfying them is our ultimate goal.

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Why You Should Choose Us?

Highlights of Our Services:

Efficient and Hardworking Consultants

Our team of professionals and consultants are extremely diligent, talented and dexterous in the job they are hired for. From cleaning to painting, our professionals harbour skills of excellence. They are all certified and has years of experience that makes them so desirable. With a strong team of workers, our company boasts of high quality work, 100% flawless services and reasonable rates. Latest technologies, including pressure washing, textured painting and wallpaper removal are used by our domestic painters.

Our house painters Dublin are widely popular for their exceptional skills and talent in painting and decorating services, so hire us today to make your house look gorgeous and well-protected.


Schedule Your Domestic Painters Today - 24 / 7

We know what is essential in a residential decorating and painting service. As a result of their dependability and trustworthiness, our specialists will achieve the desired finish based on your design preferences and precise time. Because residential decorating is such a personal experience, having a personalised space in your home is critical in residential decoration work. We have performed various residential decorating and painting jobs in the past and will ensure that they are completed according to your specifications.

Alex Trend Painters Dublin provides domestic painters in Dublin.

Consider high-quality craftsmanship delivered to you with full insurance cover. Consider a painting and decorating service in Dublin that provides you with all of the price information you require right away. This brings a highly qualified and experienced specialist to your home at no cost to discuss your ideas with you. And which you may book from anywhere in Dublin.

How Will Your Painters and Decorators Transform Your Home?

The first step that our domestic painters perform is to ensure that your home remains clean and neat. They will move or cover all of your furniture, cover carpets, and protect light switches, plug outlets, and other non-movable components of your home. After the protection has been applied, it is time to begin priming and undercoating. This coat isn’t usually essential, but when it is, we let it dry for the specified amount of time. Following that, one to three layers of paint are applied. Drying time is allowed between coats until complete coverage is attained.

Water-based paints: We have a wide range of water-based finishes available, including matt, flat matt, silk, and a soft sheen.

Solvent-based paints: obtain any help you need choosing the colour, shade, or type of paint we use. We provide gloss, high gloss, satin, and eggshell finishes. Specialty paints: these paints enable us to retouch radiators, paint flooring materials, apply an anti-mould layer, and accomplish a variety of other things.

For over 10 years, residents, home owners, and tenants in the Dublin area have relied on us to paint the exterior and interior of their homes. We’ve worked with folks from all walks of life and on a wide range of properties during that time. We’ve decorated suburban homes as well as inner-city flats and apartments. As a result, you’ll be in good hands.

Decorators for Homes

We have over 20 years of expertise in helping individuals improve their houses, homes, and apartments in Dublin when it comes to residential painting and decorating work, including interior and exterior decorating.

We can provide the following services to our residential customers:

  • Minor leaks, fractured window panes, rotted timber, and ruined sills should all be repaired or replaced.
  • Some general carpentry, tiling, plastering, and plumbing
  • Before decorating, make sure that any cracks and holes are repaired.
  • Strip and prepare the walls and ceilings before hanging wallpaper of any style or quality.
  • Prepare and paint any surface, whether at a high standard or just for a quick touch-up.

Painting and Decorating in Your Home

Our four fundamental policies are strictly followed in all of our apartment and house decorating work:

Quality – dependability – friendliness – neatness

With these four factors in mind, the work can only ever go one way, and that’s a good thing! Turning up when we say, quietly getting on with it, covering up the floors and furniture, and delivering a pleasant finish tends to make our customer’s decorating experience enjoyable.

We also provide an additional stage that is primarily unique among our fellow decorators. In addition to a production supervisor overseeing the task, we have a Quality Control Supervisor visiting many jobs per week to ensure that the standards are maintained. In the unlikely event that a job is not up to standard, he is also in responsibility of ensuring that it is quickly and painlessly corrected.

So, if you require residential painting and decorating services, give us a call or fill out our price request form, and we’ll get back to you.

Please keep in mind

Unfortunately, certain assignments are too tiny for us to take on. This is mostly due to the fact that, as a house decorator firm, going to paint one door, etc., would be prohibitively expensive for you, the customer.

On the other hand, we are eager and equipped to take on home decorating jobs and projects of any scale, from a single room to an entire house. We also provide Commercial Decorating services.

However, the fact that we are a firm allows us to provide you with a quick and complete service. In other words, we can arrive earlier and complete the work in less time.

Painting in a Dublin home

Your home should be a sanctuary as well as a reflection of your style and personality. Alex Trend Painters Dublin will assist you with this through residential painting and decorating. We can make your vision a reality, no matter what your style or colour palette is. We put forth a lot of effort to offer flawless results. Our consumers have given us numerous wonderful recommendations. This is because to our attentive service and the methods we use to ensure that there is minimal disturbance and no mess from our service.

We can take on any residential decorating job in Dublin, from period residences to urban apartments, family homes and workplaces to lofts and studios. We can work throughout your home, utilising the right paint and materials for each space, such as bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Whatever needs to be updated in your home, we are the company to call.

We deliver your dream home with our house painting and decorating service in Dublin

We offer a high-quality, professional painting and decorating service to all homes in Dublin. We are here to alter and create the home you have always desired! Regardless of the size or quantity of work, Alex Trend Painters Dublin is here to provide a flexible, timely, and high-quality finish so you can have the house of your dreams.

Explanation of our painting and decorating method

Our five-step approach ensures customer happiness!

Share your aspirations. We will make them a reality

Prior starting any painting or decorating work, our initial consultation is a time for us to listen. Here, we begin a professional, trustworthy connection and gain a complete understanding of your decor preferences. We will do the following during the meeting:

  • Answer any questions you have about your painting endeavour.
  • Explain the differences between paint colours, paint kinds, and paint finishes.
  • Advice on how to use colour to improve your home
  • Take you through the steps.
  • Obtain feedback on your design concepts.
  • Determine the timing and budget.
  • In addition, I will answer any additional pressing inquiries you may have.

Making preparations for success

The following step is where we really shine. We enjoy planning because we understand how essential your time is. We strive to minimise disruption to your routine as much as possible during the painting and decorating project. We devised comprehensive plans. We extensively outline the painting and decorating procedure to ensure that nothing is misunderstood. We create a timeline and assemble the best project team of skilled painters and decorators to complete your job with clarity and speed. That is why we are Dublin’s preferred painting and decorating service.

Every painting and decorating project is meticulously planned and organised.

In our capable hands, your home is entirely secure. Every client’s home is treated as if it were our own. We prepare the space for painting or wallpapering by protecting all surfaces and furniture. Our specialty is painting and decorating, and quality is our obsession. We will change your space utilising high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. If you are not going to be there, we can even pick up your keys from a neighbour or a nearby area.

The amazing painting and decorating work we leave behind is the only way you’ll know we were there.

The magnificent work we leave behind is the only way you’ll know we were there. The dust will never settle. After the paint has dried and the wallpaper has been expertly done, your personal project manager will go over the entire space to ensure that it is in good quality. We take pride in the care and attention we put into each job. This is why Dublin residents adore our decorating and painting services. All waste materials will be completely cleaned and removed. We take special care to return everything in the same condition that we found it. You’ll never guess we were there.

If you’re not completely satisfied, neither are we.

Our job isn’t done until you’re completely satisfied. We conduct a thorough review of every job when it is completed. We’ll make sure you know how to take care of your newly decorated home. Our evaluation will assist you in maintaining the clean appearance of your lovely new area. And, last, we present a “Finishes Schedule.” So, when Auntie Mary compliments you on your brilliantly fresh colour scheme, you’ll be able to inform her that the colour of your walls was Spiced Honey from Dulux.

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