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Commercial And Industrial Painting Services

Companies and businesses need to maintain their offices properly to gain more clients. Managing the cracked paint on both the interior and exterior side of the building thus become crucial for them. The building should be painted in a way that the visitors are bound to appreciate the paint job. At Alex Trend Painters Dublin, the highly trained commercial painters Dublin give their best efforts to prevent their clients‘ property and reputation.

Insured and Licensed Professionals

Our efficient work crew are both licensed and insured. Hence, you will be in the safe hands by contacting us. If anything gets damaged while working, we’re bound to compensate for that. By recruiting only licensed individuals, we make sure that you are getting exactly what you have desired. We feel proud to declare ourselves as one of those painting contractors Dublin who have gained many clients due to the team’s neat and detailing job. We use eco-friendly painting technique to not to harm your office or employees. As we remain adhere to the local established protocols, you will get a tidy worksite and environment-safe painting solutions.

Prior to working, we cover floor and furniture with clean sheets and drop cloth. To give you a beautiful coverage, we always use premium paints. You can also select the right shade with the help of our professional colour expert.

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Our Services

By contacting our commercial painting Dublin company, you can expect to get professional assistance on the following:

  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Caulking
  • Fluid applied roof coating
  • Energy efficient roof coating
  • Painting of warehouse ceiling
  • Removal of wallpaper and graffiti
  • Repair of dry wall
  • Installation services
  • Bin marking and line stripping
  • Epoxy flooring systems

Additionally, we have included maintenance package in our list of commercial painting services Dublin to maintain the look of the building for a long period. By availing it, you will get a thorough periodic inspection of your commercial property.

Regardless of the service you pick, you will get it done at a competitive price. Our in-person estimate will allow you to know the accurate price of the service beforehand. Thus, we assure you of no hidden cost. And you will have to pay what we have already told you.

While assuring you to deliver the service at a reasonable price, our painting personnel will not bring down its quality. Every service has a fixed rate. Many a time, after diagnosing the condition of clients’ properties, we also give them suggestions regarding the service they should choose.

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Where We Stand Out From the Crowd

Keeping the projects on schedule is our motto. And for that, we’re ready to send more painters, if required. Regular communication with the client enables us to keep them fully informed about the amount of work done. Our efficiency is well-reflected in our works and we’re so much confident in that we do not step back in guaranteeing for it. By meeting your occupancy needs, we take the nerve-racking painting jobs off your plate.


Schedule Your Commercial Painters Today - 24 / 7

Alex Trend Painters and Decorators are painting contractors in Dublin who are extremely talented and experienced. For our commercial clients, we know how to accomplish work to the highest standards, and we have all of the necessary equipment and training for internal and external services. So it won’t be a problem if you need us to repair some rendering or paint your fascia boards, or if you have an office building that requires a complete makeover. Put our commercial painting and decorating expertise to the test by requesting a quotation. We’re based in Dublin, so we can make an appointment fast and easily.

Dublin Commercial Painting and Decorating Services

Designed for successful businesses:

Commercial spaces such as offices, retail, hospitality, and others

  • Our adaptable service will accommodate your company’s requirements.
  • Quick response and availability for booking as early as the next day
  • Our expert painters and decorators have a minimum of 5 years of experience.
  • Health and safety enhancements, insurance, and a warranty are all available.
  • Painting and decorating jobs of the greatest quality in Dublin

Dublin Office Painting and Decorating Service

Don’t settle for just any painter.

Choose The Alex Trend Painters Dublin!

We provide a high-quality, professional painting and decorating service to all offices and businesses in Dublin.
Our professional staff is here to transform your workspace and provide a service that will benefit your company, producing an excellent work environment that will enhance productivity while remaining authentic and personalised to your brand.

We understand how critical it is to keep your business going, so we offer flexible services, out-of-office hours, and will do everything possible to avoid disrupting your operation!

Small Offices and Workspaces

Providing a stylish and practical workspace to upcoming and smaller enterprises in Dublin of different sizes and layouts.

Large-scale Commercial Spaces

With our flexible hours, we create a space for your organisation to thrive and enhance creativity and production while not disrupting personnel.

Studios & Creative Spaces

Inspiring studios and creative spaces with painting and decorating services that fully define your brand and space.

Exterior Painting and Decorating

Exterior painting and decorating services, in addition to interior spaces, are available to create an eye-catching and high-quality first impression.

Hospitality Painting & Decorating in Dublin

Give your Hospitality Service the finest possible impression.

Our painters and decorators are enthusiastic about remodelling businesses and collaborating with clients to ensure the finest representation and style for your hospitality space and location.
We strive to provide a professional and attractive space that reflects the company’s goals and entices all customers to visit and return!


Our goal for restaurants is to provide high-quality painting, decorating, and narrative.
Our staff will transform your space while remaining true to your brand.


Creating a comfortable and elegant setting that clients will want to visit and return to on a regular basis.


Within the time constraints, renovate this big space to create an elegant, comfortable, and enjoyable setting.

Commercial Painting & Decorating on a Large Scale in Dublin

Large-scale commercial projects can be transformed within any time frame.

Our Dublin-based team has vast experience managing large-scale commercial projects.
We will work on your business around your needs, while respecting the public and the environment, thanks to our flexible hours and schedule.
As your business, and your well-being is our focus, Alex Trend Painters Dublin offers outstanding service.

Retail Stores

We understand how vital it is to have the most elegant picture and display of your brand and company as a business.


Creating the most comfortable and inspiring workplace for your employees every day by transforming larger offices.


Whatever your concept and ideas are, our painters and decorators can provide high-quality materials to help you redecorate your commercial space.

Painting & Decorating Service for Retail Stores and Showrooms in Dublin

We provide full painting and decorating services for your retail store and showroom.

Even on short notice, Alex Trend Painters Dublin will provide amazing showrooms and retail outlets for any upcoming event.
We are a team of painters and decorators who are ready to give quality services while being true to the brand and conveying the greatest message that highlights what your company is all about.

Small Retail Stores

Our aim, whether large or little, is to highlight, transmit, and give the greatest finish and look for your business in order to attract and accommodate clients.


We provide expert and high-quality services to run the most exquisite showrooms that express the brand’s message as well as what you want to achieve and demonstrate.

Large retail areas

No matter how big or little your job is, our painters and decorators have the experience and materials to transform your high-end space.

Exterior and Elevation Painting and Decorating Services in Dublin

Creating an Exterior which will last and stand out

Alex Trend Painters Dublin provides high-quality painting and decorating services to deliver a stunning finish to the exterior of your home or business.
Our services are available throughout Dublin, and we only use high-quality tools and materials to offer the finest possible solution for your space to attract visitors from the outside, including front, side, and back elevations!

We understand that some problems are beyond our control; however, our skilled staff will assure worry-free solutions to your project and a painting service that meets industry standards.

Masonry and brickwork

Using only the highest-quality materials, tools, and paints to assure a long-lasting coating and a dazzling, clean finish for your house, apartment, or company.

Windows and doors

Creating a specification with clients to determine what they want to do and using the best paint and tools for their target and goal.

Sheds and fences

Our crew will complete your residential project by painting appropriate fences and sheds, ensuring that everything is completed to a high service.

Fascia and Soffit

We understand how important each element is in achieving a professional-looking overall exterior.
Our experts will take into account every detail and create a stunning presentation for you.

Commercial Decorator Dublin

Our commercial section is capable of handling both large and small operations. To complete the project on time and within budget, we hire high-quality, experienced commercial decorators and production managers. If limited building work is required as part of the decorations, we also offer that service.

From shops and office decorating to hospitals and government buildings, we do it all. We also perform school decorating.

  • We are the number one commercial decorator Dublin and serve all of Dublin and the surrounding counties.
  • Jobs range in price from €1000 to €500,000.
  • Free and detailed quotes are provided at any time of day or night, as well as on weekends.
  • Hours are flexible to accommodate company needs and convenience.
  • We work 52 weeks a year, seven days a week.
  • Extensive insurance and health and safety coverage are kept in place.

Commercial Painter and Decorator for your Office

All of our commercial decorating is done in accordance with four essential policies:

Quality – dependability – friendliness – neatness

When it comes to commercial painting, we are able to complete the task quickly and outside of normal business hours. We understand that time is money for the client, thus try to paint around those who are working there. We are determined to complete the project by the deadline. In truth, there are a few occasions when we finish earlier. Evenings, weekends, and long days, we can do it all to get in and out as quickly as possible.

Schools over the Easter and summer vacations have become a more important element of our work routine, particularly in the last ten years. We make it a point to arrive as soon as the students have left and work closely with the caretaker to complete the task before they return.

When it comes to commercial decorating – offices, schools, etc. – if the work needs to be done quickly, after hours, or both, Alex Trend Painters Dublin has decorators available to work day, night, and weekend, as well as a supervisor to ensure everything runs smoothly and on time.

So, if you need a commercial painter and decorator, give us a call or fill out our price request form, and we’ll contact you.

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