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Drying times for new plaster

Allow adequate time before painting

Before a freshly plastered wall or ceiling can be decorated, it must completely dry. The drying time will vary depending on the surface to which the plaster was applied, as well as the temperature and ventilation in the room.

A skim of plaster applied to plasterboard will typically dry in two to three days. When applied to a base, such as bonding, drying time can take up to a week, even under ideal drying conditions.

Before beginning to decorate, wait until the skim coat of plaster has completely changed from a dark brown color to a much lighter pinkish brown.

Decorating new plaster

A tip from us

The typical water-based emulsion is too thick to paint directly onto a freshly plastered wall or ceiling. It will not adhere properly, requiring you to redecorate much sooner.

Decorators apply a diluted emulsion coat to dry plaster as a’mist’ coat. The excess water soaks into the plaster, aiding in the adhesion of the paint to the surface. When the mist coat has dried, a regular coat of emulsion can be applied, which will bond without issue.

You can purchase ready-made mist coat emulsion or make your own. A ration of 3 parts emulsion to 2 parts water is usually sufficient, though this depends on the thickness of the emulsion being mixed. Just make sure the emulsion you’re working with isn’t vinyl.

Finally, because the paint has been diluted, expect a messier decorating experience. Splash-proof your furniture, carpets, and yourself! 

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