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Limewash vs Whitewash Brick | Alex Trend Painters Dublin Painters®

The positive aspects of owning a brick house are plentiful. They’re the natural way fireplace and weather-resistant, composed of pure, renewable assets (shale and clay), uncomplicated to keep and by natural means insulated.

On the other hand, your decision in brick shades can sense limited, and homebuyers from time to time sense like they’re compromising on their sought after dwelling coloration. Thankfully, there are eco-welcoming, expense-helpful options to give your brick house a facelift without agonizing in excess of the information that come with painted brick. Limewashing and whitewashing are both of those historic processes that have not long ago risen in popularity as choices to extra pricey exterior updates.

In this posting, we’ll examine limewash vs. whitewash for brick homes and the gains to each individual.

What is Limewash?


Limewash was at the height of its recognition in the 1800s and 1900s mainly because it was commonly available and affordable.

Limewash consists of two elements: lime and h2o, and is normally a white coloration, but other normal hues are usual. Lime, not to be baffled with the citrus fruit, is extracted from limestone and then processed into lime putty or paste. Combined with h2o, the combination turns into a matte or chalky texture that is then ready to be applied to a home’s exterior.

Unlike painted brick, limewash doesn’t just sit on best of brick it penetrates the fibers.

Pros of Limewashing Exterior Brick

  • Minimal maintenance
  • Germs-resistant
  • Desirable getting older method
  • Cheap and eco-friendly
  • Offered in other natural hues and hues

Cons of Limewashing Exterior Brick

  • Difficult to management the regularity of overall look
  • Labor-intense needs lots of coats to be a strong color
  • Won’t change the texture of your brick
  • Comes in a constrained vary of earth tones and off-white
  • Cannot be used above painted brick

What is Whitewash?


Although limewash can be viewed as a style of whitewash and is typically applied synonymously, we’ll be differentiating the two for this post.

Whitewash is a fifty percent-and-50 percent mixture of h2o and paint that sits on top of brick, unlike limewash, to present a translucent complete, muting the brick’s normal coloration. Compared with painted bricks, whitewashing preserves bricks’ purely natural, random variants, depending on how considerably is utilized and how each particular person reacts to its application.

Professionals of Whitewashing Exterior Brick

  • Provides a smoother floor finish
  • Small servicing and lasts for decades
  • Can conveniently be applied to painted bricks
  • Limitless color options
  • Provides entire coverage

Disadvantages of Whitewashing Exterior Brick

  • More high-priced than limewashing when utilized on larger sized floor areas
  • Some paints can entice moisture
  • Difficult to take out if you adjust your mind
  • Tough to preserve regularity of mix if Do it yourself

Which is Finest for Your Household?

Now that you’re familiar with limewash vs. whitewash, how do you pick out which course of action to use for your exterior brick?

Limewash is an superb choice if you are on the lookout for something organic and eco-welcoming. We advise this strategy for someone on the lookout for a semi-long-lasting modify that can be eliminated with energy-washing. Limewash brick is a wonderful selection for a classic dwelling seem on new bricks.

On the other hand, whitewashing bricks is proposed for these browsing for a remedy that is a lot more lasting. Since whitewashing is combined with paint, it can be used on previously painted brick. All in all, it is a fantastic preference for smaller sized inside assignments like fireplace brick or a brick wall accent.

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Investing in the exterior of your home is just as important as the interior, and so is deciding on the ideal painting lover to total the challenge correctly the first time.

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